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By investing in KVZ, you are not only supporting the growth of clean energy but also potentially profiting from its success. Join us in creating a sustainable future and investing in the future of clean energy.



KVOLTZ token is a deflationary cryptocurrency that enables investors to make a profit on clean energy generation.

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Token name: KVOLTZ

Simbol: KVZ

Blockchain web:    Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

Total Supply: 100.000.000,00 KVZ

Roadmap kvoltz

Here you can follow the progress of our goals.

Second Semester of 2022

  • Business Model Elaboration

  • First Power Plant Built in South America

  • Community Creation and management

  • Web 2.0 and 3.0 Marketing

First Semester of 2023

  • Audit, KYC, and SAFU

  • Fairlaunch on PinkSale

  • Creation of Stake Kvoltz NFTs
    Launch on PancakeSwap

  • Token Burn and Buyback Program Implementation
    Kvoltz NFTs Sale

Second Semester of 2023

  • Stake Kvoltz NFTs live
    Partnership and Collaboration with other Clean Energy Companies

  • Continuous Development of the KVZ Ecosystem
    Implementation of Off-Grid Solutions

  • Increase Awareness of Clean Energy through Social and Educational Programs

  • Listing on Major Crypto Exchanges and CEX

  • Diversification of the KVZ Token Utility

  • Expansion of the KVZ Token Holders Community

First Semester of 2024

  • Stake NFTs Founder Collection.

  • NFT Founder Collection Sale

  • New power plant construction

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