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The Kvoltz business plan: with the foot on the ground, but with an eye to the future.

1) A multifaceted business with one foot on the ground

The blog published a text by Kvoltz co-founder João Maluf Jr. about the business plan.

The present text has the purpose of closing this subject, that is, the general presentation of Kvoltz's business plan.

In that text, which I will refer to hereafter as the 'previous text', the analysis of the business plan focused on a single aspect, the sale of solar energy credits to legal entities, especially medium and small companies, through shared generation in the consortium modality.

However, the Kvoltz business has many other facets, some will be implemented later this year, others are within Kvoltz's "looking to the future" planning.

In this text, I want to present the other facets of this multifaceted business.

Remembering that the first facet of the business, the only one covered in the 'previous text' about the Kvoltz business plan, is the sale of energy credits through the consortium to corporate clients.

The second revenue generation hypothesis of the business constitutes the direct sale of small/medium sized plants (up to 75kW) to legal entities and individuals.

In this type of business, Kvoltz builds the solar plant on the customer's property, and the customer acts as a trustee, bearing surveillance and cleaning costs. Kvoltz pays for the maintenance of the plant and the administration of the generation system. The customer acquires ownership of the plant after settling an agreed payment plan.

In this case, Kvoltz receives the revenue from the sale of the plant's surplus generation, plus financial income from self-financing.

Although the revenue generation of this direct sale hypothesis, mentioned above, was not considered in the business plan figures presented in the 'previous text', it will be an important source of revenue and will already start to be commercialized together with the consortium modality.

The third revenue generation possibility will be through the launch of the Kvoltz credit card, which already has its own authorized credit card brand.

The client, either a legal entity or an individual, who pays his or her energy bill by means of the card, will receive a cash back.

This hypothesis is expected to start a few months after the launch of the KVZ token and is independent of the previous hypotheses that are based on the commercialization of energy credits generated in the plants, already in an advanced stage of planning.

Finally, other forms of commercialization of the credits generated in the plants, such as the cooperative and condominium modalities, as well as the rental of plants, are in the study and planning phase and should be implemented by mid 2023.

In view of all these business possibilities, both for the commercialization of credits and financial products, the numbers presented in the 'previous text' about the business model are indeed conservative, since they do not include all these possibilities of revenue generation listed above.

However, this fact is not accidental, we purposely trimmed the business plan to present the most conservative side possible so that, when talking about the other aspects of the business, the investor can be sure that we have not exaggerated anything in the plan: a serious and well thought out business has to have its feet on the ground.

2) A global business

Another important feature of the Kvoltz business plan is the conception of a business that has no borders.

That's right, Kvoltz intends to go international much sooner than you might imagine.

The purpose of Kvoltz is to popularize the production of clean and cheap energy. This mission is very relevant in countries like Brazil, as well as in many countries where access to clean and cheap energy is difficult.

Kvoltz aims to improve the lives of millions of entrepreneurs and their families in difficult markets, with limited access to credit and unfair prices for the deployment of solar technology.

We were born to provide all small, medium, and micro-entrepreneurs in Brazil with clean and sustainable energy, strengthening the local economy and producing results for their investments in a fair way, reducing the cost of energy production, including increasing the purchasing power of the entrepreneur.

Why not do this in other countries as well? Other countries in Latin America, as well as in Africa and Asia, have energy matrix scenarios that are even worse than the one in our country.

It is in these places that Kvoltz wants to be, bringing together crypto investment from all over the planet to provide these neediest pockets with a leap forward in terms of access to solar energy, with very low environmental impact, socially responsible, more reasonable costs and, above all, with total autonomy of ordinary people over the energy they use.

Therefore, Kvoltz has a plan to expand the KVZ token offering to the global market, especially in core countries such as the US and the EU, proposing to crypto investors in these centers and elsewhere in the world, not only the possibility of exposure to highly promising markets in a cutting-edge business, but especially the protagonism in a noble mission to change the world of energy production.

3) A business with an eye on the future

Kvoltz - Green Energy Token unites the growth of solar energy production with the evolution of the financial market towards blockchain and cryptoactive technologies.

At the end of the day, our purpose is to popularize an innovation, as well as to universalize the pocket savings generated by solar energy production, in a socially and environmentally responsible way, as we add value and profit to the token.

With this in mind, and with an eye on the future, Kvoltz wants to be present in businesses that benefit from the production of clean and cheap energy: innovative, such as the production of electric cars and the implementation of its gas stations; and socially relevant, such as the projects of installation of small units of photovoltaic energy production in riverside communities in the corners of the Amazon forest.

For this reason, our project is disruptive and intends to be a reference in the renewable energy market, providing complete and innovative solutions.

The biggest source of appreciation is the production of clean energy, that is, the more opportunities we offer to micro, small, and medium-sized companies, the greater will be the construction of factories and the production of energy, and the greater will be the appreciation of the KVZ token, which is to say: with the increase in energy generation that is captured from an inexhaustible source like the SUN, inexhaustible will also be the potential for appreciation of the Kvoltz token.

The concept is to do first and then offer to the market: Kvoltz has already taken its first steps and has the ability and motivation to innovate in various facets of the business, as well as to expand throughout the national territory, and internationally, always with the foot on the ground, but with an eye to the future.

Kvoltz 100% Brazilian, made by Brazilians, for the world.

João Pessoa, September 17, 2022.

Kleber Selhorst, co-founder and head of the Kvoltz operation, 16 years of experience in the management of companies related to means of payment and digital banking.

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