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Pre-booking phase of the Kvoltz clean energy token a success

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Learn more about our first manufacturing facility.

The launch, in the pre-reservation phase, of our energy token Kvoltz Green Energy, at the Mindset Experience event, in João Pessoa (PB) was a success, with great interest from the public. From now on, investments in the token can only be made after the official launch, in September, when lots will be available in values starting from R$ 49,90, to be acquired through our APP, in our own wallet and with payment by card or PIX.

With an installed power of 112.5 kilowatts, the initial module of the first plant built in the city of São José de Mipibu is ready to generate energy. In all, there will be ten independent modules, all with the same capacity, totaling just over 1 megawatt. The fact that the modules are independent, in turn, ensures the continuous supply of energy to the grid (and, therefore, the generation of cash flow) even in case of a breakdown in one of the modules. 

The São José de Mipibu unit is the first of a total of 26 plants that should be built by the end of 2027, and negotiations for the sale of energy with potential customers are already advanced. 

Besides the sale of energy itself, another source of revenue for the project - and whose valuation can contribute to the performance of the investment in the energy token - will be the commercialization of carbon credits, already contemplated in the business model. This is an important aspect of the project, considering that it is a source of clean energy and, therefore, eligible for this important and promising market. 

A pioneering initiative and already in a pre-operational phase, with potential for income generation and appreciation.

Contact our team and learn more about investing in the Green Energy Kvoltz Token.

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