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How to buy tokens on axchange?

Updated: Feb 21

The main cryptocurrency brokers have different means for transactions, but here, we will exemplify using Binance.

Step 1: on the Exchange's website, already on the home screen just register to create an account.

Step 2: buying assets and making deposits is simple, but to make withdrawals, you must go through KYC (Know your costumer) which is an obligation provided by the Central Bank Circular 3978 for all financial market companies. The verification is standard and intends to know more about the registered clients, besides identifying suspicious patterns.

Step 3: to validate this verification, you must send documents proving that you are the one who will make the transactions, all within the Binance site. It is important to remember that this procedure takes an average of 7 business days. The withdrawal can be made via pix. To make it easier, the ideal is to do these processes with your computer and cell phone at hand.

Step 4: on the Exchange site itself you can convert your money (reals) into cryptocurrency.

Step 5: just click on the option that will give you access to buy the "BNB" currency.

Step 6: you must send this currency to your wallet, which can be metamesk, for example.

Step 7: with the BNB (which is the "mother" currency) in hand, you can buy BUSD and then access our site, connect your wallet (which can be metamesk).

Step 8: on the home screen of you can buy KVZ with just one click.

You can follow the tutorial on our youtube: Click here

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