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Brazilian token Kvoltz started 2023 with an interview at Binance.

Considered the Stock Exchange of crypto assets, the exchange ensures security in transactions on the crypto market.

Kvoltz participated in the first week of the year in a live interview on the Binance platform. The interview in AMA (Ask Me Anything) format had more than 9,000 simultaneous views with viewers from all over the world. The team represented by the CEO's, Kleber Selhorst, João Maluf and the Marketing, Anderson Alves explained how the business model works.

The team also talked about how the idea of combining a crypto-active with clean energy production came about. In practice, this means that the token finances the construction of solar power plants, where the electricity generated will be injected into the utility's grid and returned as credit to registered micro and small companies, as well as to holders of the KVZ coin. With this, the investor who holds the token will receive bonuses equivalent to 2% of the revenue obtained with the generation of this energy.

Another topic addressed were the certifications, such as the audit that the company recently went through and received top marks. Today, the token has the international KYC seal, an abbreviation for "Know your costumer", which means "Know your client". The guidelines for achieving this seal involve combating illicit activities in the business world.

For those who did not watch it, the interview can be accessed through the link:

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