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Brazil should consolidate itself as a world power in solar energy

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Brazil may consolidate itself, by 2026, as a true global power in the solar energy market. The information is from PV Magazine, an international publication that specializes in the segment and covers the entire photovoltaic energy "ecosystem", such as commercial and residential applications, sustainability, and financial aspects of the market.

The vehicle highlights, in an article published in May, that by 2021, photovoltaic capacity in Latin America will increase by 44%, totaling more than 30 gigawatts. "The solar energy market has grown more than 40 times since 2015," the site states. It adds "in this incredible success story, one country emerges as a true rising star: Brazil."  

According to the publication, the country, which is already a leader in the region in solar energy, is poised to become one of the five largest global markets, reaching 45 gigawatts of total capacity by 2026.

Last year alone, Brazil added another 5 gigawatts to its generating capacity. And distributed generation has reached a record high - a record that, according to the magazine itself, may be surpassed in 2022.

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