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A revolutionary NFT with an innovative process.

There is a new universe waiting for you.

Always thinking about our community, KVOLTZ invites you to get to know an ecosystem that is interconnected and full of news. 

We are launching our first NFT collection, with rarities for all profiles, and besides being able to have the NFT of your favorite character (Sarah, Sam, David, Tony, Alice, Patrick or the villains Frank and Victor) they will come with unique benefits for their holders.


Sarah stands out for her ability to read the economic phenomena of the market, circulating in the media as a reference in the crypto world, a guru followed by many investors.





- Exclusive discounts at the Kvoltz Store.
All holders of Kvoltz NFTs will have access to a special discount in the brand's store, guaranteed for a special price on exclusive products.


- Exclusive access to KVZ$ Stake
If you own at least one NFT from KVOLTZ, regardless of its rarity, you will have access to stake. Additionally, your earnings from staking will be boosted according to the rarity of your NFT.

- Exclusive point(s) in voting

The right to extra point(s) proportional to the rarity of your NFT, in the voting process DAO Kvoltz.

1 Pop Point
2 Rare Points
3 Points Legendary
4 Points Mithical
5 Points God

- Exclusive access to the next release of Kvoltz NFTs
The members of our VIP group will have GUARANTEED priority in the next sales of the brand's collectibles.


- Exclusive access to the Kvoltz comic book 
They will be able to read the comic book and get to know the story and characters in depth, making the experience even more special and exclusive.

- VIP Group
Enjoy an exclusive experience as a holder of Kvoltz NFTs. As a member of our VIP group, plus unique drawings according to the rarity of your NFTs. Enter weekly, bi-weekly and monthly drawings for exclusive products and unique opportunities that are set at the beginning of each month!

- Exclusive access to Kvoltz NFT events
Priority access to Kvoltz and partner events! Secure your chance to participate in recurring and exclusive events of our NFTs.



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