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Get to know our token and learn how the solar energy market and cryptocurrencies make the perfect combination.


From project to reality

KVOLTZ Green Energy Token, the name refers to the unit of energy, moreover, this token is marketed as a simple purchase option and affordable values for everyone. The idea talks to experienced investors, familiar with cryptoassets, but also to those who want to take the first step in this type of application.
The initiative will merge the cryptocurrency market with clean energy production, an innovative combination in the world. KVOLTZ sees itself as a sustainable solution for energy production, especially focusing on micro, small, and medium-sized companies.
Photovoltaic solar energy is the fastest growing energy source in the world and has the potential to bring many positive benefits for businesses and society in general.

O Projeto

Solar Energy Highlights

● Create local professional opportunities, with an average of 30 jobs per year installed by MW.
● Strengthen local, regional, and national economies.
● Diversify the electricity matrix, strengthen the security of supply, and increase the use of renewable energy.
● Reduce transmission and distribution losses in the electric system, lowering electricity costs for consumers.
● Create clean, renewable, sustainable energy for the community.
● Reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances to the environment.
● Contribute to the national and international targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

● The environmental impact associated with solar activity is virtually non-existent. Unlike other forms of energy, such as burning fossil fuels, solar energy generates no pollution because its only source is the sun's radiation. As such, it is seen as a clean way to produce electricity, a very important way in a world that faces many natural disasters.
● Although there are other forms of clean energy production, such as hydro and wind, photovoltaic energy is unique because it has minimal impact in its power generation. Solar energy has no significant impact on the surrounding ecosystem. The technology used to generate solar energy surpasses any other form of energy production, making it sustainable.

The Kvoltz Community

The sun is democratic: it shines for everyone!


The Kvoltz Community is the place where people who have decided to have the power over the energy they consume come together.


Each person can have their own photovoltaic cell on the roof of their house, producing their own energy that fuels their car, heats the water in their shower, runs their refrigerator, etc.


Kvoltz was born out of this desire to popularize clean and cheap energy, but more than that: to give the common citizen the power over the energy he consumes.


This is a place that brings together the minds that dream of a day when fossil energy will be a thing of the past. Those minds that no longer want to depend on the petty, selfish actions of bigwigs and bureaucrats, producers or distributors, who in a faraway country make decisions about the energy you consume.

Kvoltz Community Declaration Letter:

  1. Everyone is equal and deserves respect.

  2. Everyone has the right to clean, affordable energy.

  3. Everyone has the right to have the power to make decisions about the energy they consume.

  4. Everyone has the right to express themselves freely in the community, as long as they respect the three previous rules.

  5. All holders of Kvoltz tokens have the right to vote in the deliberations of the community.


Disclaimer: the Kvoltz Community will have its Discord and Reddit groups active after the token launch phase.

A Comunidade
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