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Staking is a popular way to earn passive income in the cryptocurrency world. It involves holding and locking up a certain amount of tokens or coins to support the network's security and earn rewards. With Stake NFTs Kvoltz, staking is taken to the next level. To participate in the stake, investors will need to acquire an NFT Kvoltz, which represents their share of the staking pool. The Stake NFTs Kvoltz will allow investors to hold their stake securely and track their rewards in real-time. This innovative approach to staking will give investors a new way to support clean energy and earn rewards while doing so.


Kvoltz offers two types of stakes, each with its unique rewards, and investors can earn additional returns from the energy production of the plants by opting to participate.

The first type of stake is the Stake Kvoltz NFTs, which rewards participants with a promising and lucrative annual percentage yield (APY). To participate in this stake, investors need to obtain at least one NFT from the Kvoltz NFTs collection, which will soon be available for sale, and a small amount of KVZ tokens.

However, it's important to note that this stake requires a lock-up period, where investors must lock their funds for a brief period to access the benefits of the staking pool.

Kvoltz NFTs collection includes 5 levels of rarity - POP, RARE, LEGENDARY, MITHYCAL, and GOD - each with its unique benefits. Depending on the rarity level of an investor's NFT, they will receive a multiplier boost in their Stake Kvoltz NFTs, which can significantly increase their returns.

Kvoltz offers a second type of stake called the Stake Founder Collection. This stake is highly exclusive and is closely tied to the Kvoltz business model. As more power plants are built, the repurchase of tokens and their appreciation will increase. That's why we're opening up opportunities for our holders to participate in the creation of new power plants and receive a significant portion of their profits.

Even before the token's launch, our team invested in creating the first power plant in the northern part of South America. However, to fund the construction of new power plants, we're launching the Stake Founder Collection. To participate, you'll need a special edition Founder Collection NFT and a small amount of KVZ$. For the sale of the Founder Collection NFT, a pool will be opened to finance the construction of a new power plant. Holders who purchase this NFT will start receiving a significant portion of the profits from the existing power plant, distributed among the holders.

In this stake, we'll offer a highly attractive APY based on the sale of energy produced by the power plant. If you want to help the world have more sources of clean energy and receive the majority of the profits, the Founder Collection NFT is the ideal option for you.

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