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Most of the fees from each transaction are invested in building new mills to increase production, increasing the bonus distributed to the token holders.

Kvoltz is the union of clean energy production, through photovoltaic plants, with the innovation of the crypto universe. 
An excellent investment opportunity for those who want to enter this market and for those who already have experience.
A good part of the fees generated from each transaction is reverted to the construction of new plants that will generate more energy and a higher bonus for investors.


The bonus is not tied to the effort of selling the energy credits.

2% of the energy produced by Kvoltz plants will be converted from kW/h to dollars based on the tariff price charged in the country. This resulting dollar amount will be taken from the company's cash flow, up to the limit of 50% of the profit of the considered period (semiannually or annually, depending on governance voting) in which the energy produced was calculated, and reverted to the purchase of KVZ tokens in the market.
In this way, "we are bonusing sustainably sourced electricity" by converting kW/h to dollars and thence to tokens, as well as sending bonus tokens to KVZ holders' wallets through

Transactions of KVZ tokens on exchanges

60% FEES Colected

Fund of

Solar Plants


of Solar Plants


of KVZ


Fund of 2% of energy produced



from Solar Plants

How does the Token Holder Win?

The more trades of the KVZ token on the Exchange, the more the business grows, so the more the token Holder earns in energy bonus (2%) and in transaction bonus (4%).

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